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In applying to the Institute, teachers describe how the seminar will increase their preparation for the courses they teach and assist them in developing a curriculum unit through which they plan to introduce subject matter from the seminar in their own teaching. Public Schools principals verify that each applicant is proposing to work on a topic that is consistent with district standards and significant for school curricula. After an application review and recommendations by teachers in the program's leadership, the Institute Director makes final decisions about whom to accept as Fellows. These decisions take into account program objectives and the relation of proposed topics to seminar subjects and school courses, as well as such practical considerations as the size of each seminar.

In 2014 the Institute will accept as Fellows teachers of English, history, languages, art, science, and mathematics from New Haven's public elementary and secondary schools. Teachers interested in applying participate in an Open House when seminar leaders describe and answer questions about the seminar subjects. Applications must be obtained from, discussed with, and submitted to the Institute Representative or Contact for the applicant's school. To learn more about participating in the Institute, speak with your school Representative or Contact.

Open House: January 14, 2014

Application deadline: January 28, 2014

Notification concerning selection: February 24, 2014

For information about the Institute's New Haven program, the Yale National Initiative to strengthen teaching in public schools®, or opportunities to support the Institute and Initiative, please contact:

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