2014 Annual Brochure

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Between September and December of each year, the teachers who serve as Institute Representatives and Contacts canvass their colleagues and determine the subjects they would like the Institute to treat. The Institute organizes seminars that address teachers' requests and interests.

Offerings: In 2014 the Institute will offer four seminars to participating New Haven Public School teachers:

"Picture Writing," led by Janice Carlisle, Professor of English

"Exploring Community through Ethnographic Nonfiction, Fiction, and Film," led by Kathryn Dudley, Professor of Anthropology and of American Studies

"Race and American Law, 1850-Present," led by James Forman, Jr., Clinical Professor of Law

"Engineering in Biology, Health and Medicine," led by Tarek Fahmy, Associate Professor of Biomedical and Chemical Engineering and of Immunobiology

Teachers interested in applying to one of these seminars should read the full description of the seminar that is available from school Representatives and Contacts.

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