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Teacher Leadership

School Representatives and Contacts
For every New Haven school, teachers represent their colleagues in planning, organizing, and conducting the program. This ensures that all teachers may have a direct role in designing the Institute to meet their own needs for further preparation and the needs of their students, and to address school plans that implement district standards. Between September and December of each year, the teachers who serve as Institute Representatives and Contacts canvass their colleagues and determine the subjects they would like the Institute to treat. The Institute organizes seminars that address teachers' requests and interests. Institute Representatives work throughout the year within their respective schools; they meet together at least twice monthly from September until March. In other schools teachers serve as Contacts for the Institute; they communicate regularly with one of the Representatives. The School Representatives and Contacts for the 2013-2014 academic year are:

School Representative or Contact
High Schools 
Cooperative Arts and Humanities Terry M. BellaR
  Marialuisa SapienzaR
Engineering and Science Amy Migliore-DestC
High School in the Community Paul M. JonesC
Hill Regional Career Kathleen Z. RooneyC
Hillhouse Rosey H. Rawle-PitterC
Hyde Jean Carlos CapacettiR
  Lindsey M. FlanickR
Metropolitan Business Matthew S. MonahanR
  Chris J. WillemsC
New Haven Academy William O'SheaC
Sound John B. BuellC
Wilbur Cross Thomas P. O'ConnorC
Transitional Schools  
New Horizons Patricia M. SorrentinoR
Riverside LaShante James R
Elementary, Middle, and K-8 Schools 
Barnard Jillian SinquefieldC
Beecher Caroline ApgarC
Betsy Ross Crecia L. CiprianoR
  Deborah A. JohnsonR
Bishop Michael MazzacaneC
Brennan/Rogers Marcella FlakeC
Celentano Susan AubeC
Clemente Shaunquetta N. JohnsonR
Clinton Avenue Donna CarlsonC
Columbus William WagonerR
Conte/West Hills Catherine RoyC
Daniels Katherine D. MassaC
Davis Street Waltrina D. Kirkland-MullinsR
East Rock John KennedyC
Edgewood Carol P. BoyntonR
Fair Haven Monica MoralesC
Hill Central  
King/Robinson Caterina C. SalamoneC
Lincoln-Bassett Michael PavanoC
Martinez Laura A. Carroll-KochR
Mauro-Sheridan Melody S. GallagherR
Nathan Hale Christina FerraroR
  Larissa GiordanoR
Quinnipiac Jaime Lynn AcerraC
Ross/Woodward Emily NguyenC
Strong Ashley HayesC
Troup Elizabeth VigliottiC
Wexler-Grant Jane R. HosenC
Worthington Hooker Beth Ellen KlingherC
  R Representative
  C Contact

Seminar Coordinators
A teacher acts as Coordinator of each seminar to provide teacher leadership and help maintain collegial rapport within the group. Coordinators are selected in February and serve through July, resolving any scheduling or administrative problems and facilitating the smooth operation of the seminars. On the recommendation of the Coordinators, the Director may withdraw from the Institute any Fellow whose continued participation they deem to be detrimental to the program.

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