2014 Annual Brochure

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University Advisory Council

The University Advisory Council is a presidentiallyappointed body of Yale faculty members that guides the general direction of the program and acts as a course-of-study committee so that the Institute can certify Fellows' work to institutions where they may be pursuing advanced degrees.

The Council also advises the Yale President on the Institute and, more generally, on matters concerning the University's involvement with schools locally and with public elementary and secondary education nationally. Between meetings the work of the Council is carried forward by its Executive Committee, all members of the Council, also appointed by the President.

Honorary Chairman
Howard R. Lamar

Paul H. Fry
Gary L. Haller

Executive Committee
Gary W. Brudvig
John L. Gaddis
Stephen J. Pitti
Jules D. Prown
Joseph R. Roach
W. Mark Saltzman

Jean-Christophe Agnew
Timothy J. Barringer
Sarbani Basu
David Bercovici
Murray J. Biggs
James A. Bundy
Ardis R. T. Butterflield
Jill Campbell
Janice Carlisle
Marvin M. Chun
Edward S. Cooke, Jr.
Bryan Garsten
Susan L. Gibbons, ex officio
Kimberly Goff-Crews, ex officio
Jacqueline D. Goldsby
Langdon L. Hammer
Jonathan Holloway
Roger E. Howe
Amy Meyers, ex officio
Mary E. Miller, ex officio
Thomas Pollard, ex officio
Daniel E. Prober
Jock M. Reynolds, III, ex officio
Peter Salovey, ex officio
Edwin C. Schroeder, ex officio
Margretta R. Seashore
Ian Shapiro
Jonathan D. Spence
William B. Stewart
Paul E. Turner
C. Megan Urry
John P. Wargo
Anders Winroth
Robert J. Wyman
Kurt W. Zilm

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