The present report covers the offerings, organization, and operation of the Institute's 1996 program for the New Haven teachers who participated as Fellows. It draws extensively from the evaluations written by Fellows and seminar leaders at the conclusion of their participation. The report also summarizes the Institute's recent activity in program development and national dissemination, and its current fund-raising goal. The year was a productive time for the Institute's work locally and nationally.

Specifically, the report documents the increasing teacher interest in Institute seminars, the content of the seminars the Institute offered in the humanities and the sciences, the application and admissions process, and participants' experience in the program. With respect to long-range planning and program development, it describes the progress made in opening Institute Centers for Professional and Curricular Development in the schools, conducting a summer Academy for New Haven students, correlating Institute-developed curriculum units with new school-district academic standards, producing a videotape program on the structure and process of the Institute, placing Institute resources on-line, and providing computer assistance to the Fellows.

It summarizes the Institute's work also in national dissemination, in particular the publication of the periodical, On Common Ground, which was assisted by the Editorial Board. Finally, it describes the status of the Institute's initiative for securing financial support, in particular the need that remains for building a more adequate endowment for the Institute.

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