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The Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute is an educational partnership between Yale University and the New Haven Public Schools designed to strengthen teaching and learning in local schools and, by example, in schools across the country. Through the Institute, Yale faculty members and school teachers work together in a collegial relationship. The Institute is also an interschool and interdisciplinary forum for teachers to collaborate on new curricula. Each participating teacher becomes an Institute Fellow and prepares a curriculum unit to be taught the following year. Teachers have primary responsibility for identifying the subjects the Institute addresses.

For information about the Institute s model or opportunities to support the Institute s Endowment, please contact:

James R. Vivian
Director, Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute
P.O. Box 203563 Yale Station
Yale University
New Haven, Connecticut 06520-3563
phone: (203) 432-1080
fax: (203) 432-1084
electronic mail:

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