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A National Advisory Committee, composed of Americans distinguished in the fields of education, private philanthropy, and public policy, assists the Teachers Institute with the dissemination, evaluation, and development of both the program in New Haven and the National Demonstration Project. New members are invited to serve, from time to time, by the President of Yale University. In 1999 two people accepted membership on the Committee: Mary Lee Fitzgerald, Program Officer, DeWitt Wallace-Reader’s Digest Fund; and David L. Warren, President, National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities. In advance of National Advisory Committee meetings, members of the University Advisory Council and the Steering Committee meet separately and together to discuss program development and evaluation, national dissemination, and finance. On each of these and any other timely topics they prepare papers that are circulated to brief the Committee before the meetings. 

As the Teachers Institute plays a leading role in the national movement for university-school partnerships the National Advisory Committee assists in determining how to make the most effective contribution to institutions and schools in other communities. The Committee provides a variety of perspectives that aid in examining what each constituency for such partnerships would regard as the best evidence of their effectiveness. 

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1998 National Advisory Committee meeting. (Left to right: Richard Ekman, Gordon M. Ambach, Sabatino Sofia, Glegg L. Watson, and I. Michael Heyman.)

The Committee last met on March 6, 1998. It then provided advice on the Institute’s new ways of working in New Haven schools and on the National Demonstration Project that has been designed to show that the Institute’s approach in New Haven can be adapted to establish similar university-school partnerships under different circumstances in other cities. The Committee will next meet in the fall of 2000, at which time it will consider the ongoing process and the results thus far of the National Demonstration Project. Its meeting will therefore be scheduled to occur shortly after the Second Annual Conference of the National Demonstration Conference, and in conjunction with a meeting of the presidents, chancellors, and superintendents from the five collaborating Teachers Institutes.

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