Annual Report 2002: Contents

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Highlights of the Report
____The Program in New Haven
____The Institute Web-Site
____National Advisory Committee
____The Yale National Initiative
____Financial Plans

The Program in New Haven
____The Seminars and Curriculum Units
________Survival Stories
________Exploring the Middle East: Hands-On Approaches
________War and Peace in the Twentieth Century and Beyond
________The Craft of Writing
________Food, Environmental Quality and Health
________Biology and History of Ethnic Violence and Sexual Oppression
____The Process of Determining the Seminar Topics
____The Fellows' Application and Admission Process
____The Fellows Who Were Accepted
____Activities for Fellows
____Rewards for Fellows
____Relating Seminar Topics to Curriculum Units
____Results for the Participants
____Teams of Fellows
____Benefits for Students
____Participants' Conclusions Overall
____Electronic Resources and Assistance
____Institute Centers for Curriculum and Professional Development
____Preparation for the Program in 2003
____Local Advisory Groups
________Steering Committee
________University Advisory Council
____Local Program Documentation and Evaluation
____25th Anniversary Celebration

The Institute Web-Site

National Advisory Committee

The Yale National Initiative
____The Aims of the Yale National Initiative
____The National Demonstration Project
____The Preparation Phase
____The Pittsburgh Teachers Institute
____The Houston Teachers Institute
____National Advisory Groups
________National Steering Committee
________National University Advisory Council
____Documentation of the National Demonstration Project and the Preparation Phase

Financial Plans


____Committees, Council, and Boards of the Institute
____Fellows and Seminar Leaders of the Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute, 1978-2002
____Selected Bibliography


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