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In 2006 the Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute continued its New Haven program with renewed teacher leadership while participating in the Yale National Initiative to strengthen teaching in public schools, which is based on the efficacy of the New Haven program and the success of its National Demonstration Project.
Operating in New Haven for the 29th consecutive year, the Teachers Institute conducted a program of six seminars, three in the humanities and three in the sciences and mathematics. The Institute continued to involve and support beginning teachers in New Haven, and reinforced its Centers for Professional and Curriculum Development in certain schools. Its Web site remained among the most popular sites on the Yale server. The number of "unique visitors" exceeded one million. In these ways, the Institute assisted the school district's efforts to prepare and retain well-qualified teachers, and to develop resources to help implement school plans that address district goals, while disseminating the Teachers Institute approach nationally.
The Institute looks ahead to maintaining its local program as the best possible example of its approach to high-quality professional development for teachers that improves student achievement.
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