Progress Report: Contents

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____Introduction by James R. Vivian
____Introduction to the Teacher Surveys
____Structure of the Questionnaires
____Reviews and Revisions
____Administration and Response Rates

____Consistency of Response
____Fellows’ Written Responses
____Responses to Multiple Choice Questions
________I. Characteristics of Fellows and Non-Fellows
______________Demographic Characteristics
______________Academic Preparation
______________Subjects Taught
________II. Fellows’ and Non-Fellows’ Perceptions of the Teaching Profession
______________Opinions on Issues of School Reform
______________Teacher Professionalism
______________Academic Preparation
______________Professional Growth
______________Respondents’ Own Effectiveness as Teachers
______________Teacher Leadership
__________________Teacher Leadership in the Schools
__________________Teacher Leadership in the Institute
________III. Fellows’ Reactions to Selected Aspects of the Institute
______________Why Fellows Participate
______________Program Scheduling and Design
______________Fellows’ Reactions to Yale
________IV. The Curriculum Units
______________Development of the Units by Fellows
______________Approaches, Activities and Skills Taught in the Classroom
______________Units in Use in the New Haven Public Schools
______________Fellows’ Use of Their Own Units
______________Fellows’ and Non-Fellows’ Use of Others’ Units
________V. Fellows’ Reports of Student Response

____Teacher Retention and Continuing Participation


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