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Skill Building for Educational and Vocational Advancement, by Anthony F. Franco

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Preparation for a variety of work-related skills is the focus of this unit. The narrative identifies the target student population: eighth graders with low to average reading skills who are beginning to investigate and imagine their future roles in the job market. Written literacy is taught through three components of the employment process; the job application, the resume and the business letter. Oral proficiency is also stressed through discussion and role-playing of job interviews. The sequence of activities, as well as three sample lessons, is designed to span a 10-week period: the program could be easily expanded to cover the entire eighth grade year. The unit is a practical overview to the concrete activities with which students must become familiar if they are to succeed in the job market. Also included is a discussion of the need for students to develop a “future-focused role image” that is flexible enough to accommodate changing opportunities in a fluctuating market place.

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