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Migration North to The Promised Land, by Betty Lapucia

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Many New Haven students have relatives who were part of the migration from rural Southern communities to Northern industrial cities that began in 1915. This unit aims to involve youngsters in history by linking their personal lives to events that occurred over 75 years ago. The narrative presents information on this “Great Migration;” it was the largest mass movement in the history of this country. It also explains the dramatic environmental change that occurred as a result of the migration, a change that greatly affected both blacks and whites living in the North. The focal point of the unit is geography (charting the path of the migration on maps); the subject matter is, therefore, adaptable to a regional study of the United States. A long discussion describing life in Harlem during the migration demonstrates the dramatic differences that many of the communities were to undergo, The unit does include an overview of the lesson sequence and many sample lesson plans (with detailed explanations). Maps and migration patterns appear in the text as well.

(Recommended for 7th grade Social Studies classes; the unit is designed to cover four to six weeks of teaching time).

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South North Afro-Americans Migration Geography American

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