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Colonial ConnecticutóLearning to Look and Understand, by Benjamin A. Gorman, Jr.

Guide Entry to 78.04.01:

The goal of this unit is to present to and develop in students a visual literacy of Colonial genius. The unit utilizes a material culture approach to the teaching of history, i.e., knowing the past through those objects and structures that connect students with the people who needed and designed them. The American colonists built permanent structures that, even today, communicate their belief in the future of this country. Much background information is presented that charts the history of the development of the houses that were built in Connecticut. There are many specific references to architecture found in New Haven where houses grew from one room cellars to two-room and, finally, two-story dwellings. Two slide sets and a packet of activities, available through the Institute, accompany the suggested two-week schedule. A number of detailed classroom activities, homework assignments, and testing suggestions follow the narrative section. Two full-page diagrams are included that are easily reproduced for classroom use.

(Designed for use in Social Studies classes, grades 7 and 8)

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Connecticut American Architecture Colonial History

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