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The African and the Pequot in Colonial America, by Maxine Richardson

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The major task of this unit is to enable the student to discover and to understand what happens when people from different continents, diverse among themselves, come into contact with others at a particular point in history. The narrative is concerned with the major social and cultural processes of interaction that shaped the history of the Pequot, the African, and the English from the seventeenth-century to the twentieth-century. Students will learn that our heritage helps to determine many of our actions. A detailed outline of the unit is followed by three sample lesson plans (that include a variety of activities appropriate to a wide range of reading abilities and maturity). Student and teacher bibliographies are followed by a list of available materials and two maps.

(Designed for pupils in the Middle School on a narrow scale and pupils in the High School.)

Key Words

Afro-American History 1880-1950 Colonial American History Native American Historyx Colonial Race Relations

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