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An Aesthetic Overview of the Narrative for the Ninth Grade, by Jessie 0. Sizemore

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The strategies in this unit are designed to get students to do some critical reading, thinking, and writing. The three genres chosen, the short story, the novel, and the narrative poem emphasize activities which will provide opportunities for students to experience analyzing and judging good narratives. The unit begins with aspects of the short story (plot, character, tone, symbol, point of view) and includes a suggested list of ten short works. A discussion of allegory, myths, and legends can be built around Steinbeck’s short novel, “The Pearl.” Coleridge’s narrative poem, “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner,” is included to help students understand the essential characteristics of this distinct literary form. A five-day plan is presented for teaching Conrad Aiken’s short story, “Impulse.” Suggested reading lists precede annotated bibliographies for students and teachers.

(Recommended for ninth-grade English classes; the unit is designed to cover 10 weeks.)

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