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Slide-Tape Dramatization as a Way of Teaching Literature, by Robert J. Winters

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A slide-tape dramatization is a group of slides and sounds arranged to tell a story. The slides are pictures of the students, who are dressed to represent a particular character from a story. The sounds are their recorded voices. While the students are having fun, they are also learning to be free from stereotyped roles, and learning to recognize the value both of others and of themselves. Last, they will be improving communication and comprehension skills, which are essential to learning to read and appreciate literature. The teacher is the controlling factor. If ever there were an opportunity for teacher and student to share a common goal, it is here. Slide-tape dramatization can also be used for the creation of news stories, commercials, soap operas, quiz shows. This unit explains how to mount and present a slide-tape project in the classroom. Equipment needs, terms, and strategies are included in the text.

(Designed for use in High School English classes in special education programs; can be adapted for developmental classes)

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