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The Modern Novel: Reading, Writing and Wrestling with Form and Content, by Pat Snee

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This unit attacks the problem of studying the novel in a condensed fashion, rather than over a course of weeks-per-novel. The highlights of the unit involve a study of prose style by means of stylistic analysis, a search for narrative point-of-view through writing exercises and discussion, a set of terms in order to assist analysis of story-type, and an aim toward expanding the readerís awareness of the novel as he reads. The novels in this unit are straightforward narrations that exhibit a strong physicality and surface plot, as well as subtler character development. The most prevalent themes in the suggested novels are Search for Truth in an inhospitable environment, Violence, both premeditated and external, and Adjustment to Social Norms. Especially important to this unit is the section of stylistic analysis, which can be used to assist the student in improving his own writing style.

(Recommended for 11th and 12th grade Advanced English and Composition/Creative Writing.)


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