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Dramatize English, by Beatrice Ginter Bennetto

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Conceived as a means of motivating English students and helping them gain a more positive self-image, “Dramatize English” details a year-long plan for the use of improvisation in the classroom. Sample activities in this unit range from introductory warm-ups to pantomime skits and role-playing in conflict situations. Included are suggestions and procedures for using improvisation as an aid in the teaching of basic skills. The dramatic activities lead up to the study of three one-act plays—”The Lottery,” by Shirley Jackson, “The Still Alarm,” by Stanley F. Kaufman, and “Sorry, Wrong Number,” by Lucille Fletcher—each specifically chosen to introduce students to the main concepts of plot, setting, and characters. This is a simplified introduction to drama which may be expanded for more sophisticated students. Suggestions are given for the presentation of key segments of each play on stage as a culminating activity.

(Recommended for 8th through 10th grade English)

Key Words

Improvisation Basic Performance Drama Structure General Writing Instruction

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