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Character Analysis: The Search for Self, by James Ramadei

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“Character Analysis: The Search for Self” is a series of ten dramatic activities for the classroom designed to help the adolescent confront his changing identity. The unit begins with a brief narrative section explaining its rationale and appropriateness for an English class. The exercises are flexible enough to be used with almost any ability level in the secondary school except low level remedial. The unit emphasizes the reinforcement of basic skills in reading, writing and extemporaneous speech. The activities are designed on a self-discovery approach. They are open-end exercises which incorporate the use of theater games and Transactional Analysis. Each exercise is clearly outlined for easy implementation by the classroom instructor. The activities are designed so that they may be used separately or in the sequence suggested by the author. This unit may or may not be used in conjunction with a formal drama unit.

(Recommended for English I-IV, all ability levels except low-level remedial.)

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Performances Exercises Drama Self-Discovery Psychology

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