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Reading and Sexuality, by Susan Airone and Nan Baker

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Our unit is designed to show that two subject areas, reading/writing and biology/sexuality, can be taught from an interdisciplinary approach so that each subject area compliments the other. We team-teach at High School in the Community. Our class of high school students reads at approximately first to third grade reading level. We motivate our students to improve their reading, writing and communications skills by building a curriculum around information about their bodies and their sexuality. Our approach to teaching sexuality is direct, open, honest and humorous. An integral component of our class is the emphasis on the teaching of reading by the use of the “Words in Color” reading program developed by Caleb Gattegno.

(Recommended for Biology/Sexuality, 9th through 12th grade level, and Basic Reading and Writing.)

Key Words

Human Sexuality Biology Basic Skills Reading Instruction General Writing Narrative

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