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The Building Blocks to Children’s Creative Writing, by Imma Canelli

Guide Entry to 80.04.03:

This unit on creative writing is designed to meet four objectives. I have broken the unit up into four sections which explains each objective and gives some class exercises to go along with the objectives. My objectives which I refer to as the building blocks to creative writing are as follows: one, to expose the students to words. My goal is to have students see that words are fun. Two, to have the students work with sentences. They will work with arranging sentences and classifying sentences. This will help them when they begin writing their own pieces. Three, to work with different writing forms. They will be introduced to an autobiography, a biography, letter writing, poetry writing, and advertising. The fourth and last objective is the organization of a story. The students as a class will make up their own story beginning with choosing the characters, writing the plot, choosing the setting and mood, and choosing the uniformity of style. At the end of the unit I have sample lessons and also an annotated bibliography with many books which have original creative writing ideas.

(Recommended for Reading and English, 6th through 8th grade levels.)

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