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Multicultural Education, by Deborah Possidento

Guide Entry to 80.06.10:

This unit is designed to bring to the consciousness of children the contributions of all immigrant and migrant groups represented in their classes through the study of a variety of multicultural areas including: family life and roles, foods, religion, recreation, folk crafts, and history. It is focused on a multicultural calendar of ethnic festivals and celebrations, dated from September 1, 1980 through January 6, 1981, concentrating on holidays of major importance to ethnic groups such as Black, Hispanic, Jewish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Irish, and Polish. In addition, the unit contains background information and activities to accompany some of the dates listed on the calendar including: Autumn as a season of Harvest Festivals and Winter Holidays in response to the winter solstice. This unit is designed to be utilized as a supplement to other activities in the classroom and can be used by educators of all disciplines and grade levels.

(Recommended for any Foreign Language or Language Exploratory class, Kindergarten through 12th grade.)

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