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Incorporating Word Problems into Basic Skills Development, by Gerald A. Baldino

Guide Entry to 80.07.01:

This unit is concerned with practical approaches to achieving satisfaction, both among teachers and students, in the area of problem solving at the elementary mathematical level. It presents concepts and ideas calculated to encourage educators to concentrate on and deal with the everyday aspects of problem solving facing our students today. It is intended to be a “how to” unit. The materials and suggestions are drawn from experiences and activities of the author. Teaching word problems and methods of solution to remedial fifth and sixth grade youngsters is a frustrating yet rewarding experience. The unit itself may be covered in as little as three weeks, or drawn out over a longer period of time. After the initial unit is completed, it is hoped the teacher will continue to dedicate at least one math period per week to the development of problem solving.

(Recommended for 6th grade General Mathematics.)

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