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Problem Solving through Careers with Hands On Materials, by Joyce Bryant and Carolyn Kinder

Guide Entry to 80.07.02:

This unit is designed to help students gain insight into problem solving through hands-on materials based upon careers. This unit focuses on six careers through visitations to local businesses and one out-of-state trip. Speakers and on-the-job training will also be utilized as well as classroom activities. A pre- and post-test will be given to all students to determine their ability and progress in problem solving. One of the purposes is to guide the studentsí thinking to help make decisions. It is hoped that the learner will not only develop problem solving skills, but take a critical look at himself/herself in this ever-changing and complex society of ours.

(Recommended for 7th and 8th grade Mathematics.)

Key Words

Mathematical Skills Career Training Vocational Problem Solving

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