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Madras (India) and Boston—A Comparative Study and Analysis by Gerald A. Baldino

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This unit is adaptable to either a literature or a social studies program. It is intended to broaden horizons and increase a students’ depth and perception concerning foreign cultures as related to one which is familiar. An interdisciplinary approach to this unit is suggested if the situation allows for such flexibility. The author remains ready to assist any individual who so requires advice or suggestions in planning or implementing this unit. The study of Indian culture using the city of Madras as an example is the result of the author’s extensive travels through India. He maintains an interesting collection of artifacts, slides and books which may be requested from him during the course of the unit. Requests may be made through the Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute office.

The background information included for both cities is meant to serve as a stimulus for the teacher. It is not intended to be used as a textbook, but rather a guide. Much of the information contained in this unit is quite useful for creating mood or setting tone for the comparative study. A creative approach is suggested in developing this unit. Sample lesson plans are included, but only as samples. It is hoped the individual teacher will develop his/her own such plans even further.

(Recommended for 8th grade Literature and Social Studies.)

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