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The Industrial Revolution by Joseph A. Montagna

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The unit focuses on the changes which occurred in various segments of the English economy of the 18th and l9th centuries, which resulted in rapid change in the manner in which people worked and lived. These changes had an enormous impact on the people of England of this period, as well as on all people of the world through the present. Students may draw the conclusion that the Industrial Revolution continues today. The author has structured the unit into three sections; the narrative, a lesson outline and a study set. The narrative is intended for the teacherís comprehension of the content material to be presented. The lesson outline, which mirrors the narrative portion, covers the major points to be covered in class, and includes notes on two of Charles Dickensí works that will be read by the students. The third section, available on request through the Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute, is a set of materials copied from a number of sources. These materials include drawings, photographs and stories which should be helpful to the teacher and the student to enhance their studies of the subject. There are numerous opportunities for the teacher to incorporate language arts, science and art into the course of study.

(Recommended for 7th and 8th grade Social Studies.)

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Dickens Literature Charles Hard Times Oliver Twist Industrial Revolution British England Novel

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