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Teaching Human Sexuality in the Social Studies Classroom by Phyllis Cummings-Texeira

Guide Entry to 81.03.02:

The unit is intended to aid the teacher in the teaching of Human Sexuality in the Social Studies classroom, who has not taught it before. The unit gives some information to the teacher about the adolescent student who will be taught. The unit talks mainly about the topics of sexuality, homosexuality, masturbation, and sex roles. The unit also gives some insight into reasons why adolescents may feel anxious about these topics. It does not cover every aspect of human sexuality, just a few of the things that are necessary to discuss in class. It also discusses reasons adolescents may engage in sexual activity. The unit is primarily designed for inner-city schools; at least, inner-city youths are the topic of concern. It shows some ways in which cultural values and attitudes may differ from those of the middle-class adolescent, and maybe the teacher. Included are a few activities that the teacher may find helpful in having the students understand the impact of such things as unwanted pregnancy. The goal is to try to alter the attitudes of the students without trying to force other attitudes on them. This can be done through a self-learning technique.

(Recommended for 7th, 8th, and 9th grade Social Studies.)

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General Sexuality Contraception

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