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Teenage Boys—Perspectives on the Adolescent Male’s Development in an Urban Setting by Kathleen London

Guide Entry to 81.03.05:

This unit is intended to guide students in their examination of some of the issues confronting adolescent boys in today’s urban environment. The Unit is divided into four sections: Identity-self image; Moral Dilemmas; Adolescent Sexuality; Teenage Fatherhood. Each section includes a vignette or case study, and may be used with or without photographic images. The strategies provide guidance in developing a variety of classroom activities. The adolescent sexuality section contains lessons on contraception and a discussion about handling controversial issues. There are three detailed sample lesson plans developed around three films: “Am I Normal?,” “Teenage Father,” and “Are We Still Going to the Movies?”

(Recommended for 9th grade Urban Studies—Sex Education, 11th and 12th grade Psychology—Sociology and 9th—12th grade Child Development—Family Life Education.)

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Human Adolescent Sexuality

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