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Rape: Psychology, Prevention and Impact by Marcia Cohen and Sherrie H. Mckenna

Guide Entry to 81.03.06:

This is a unit on the psychology, prevention and impact of rape. Definitions of rape are given, as well as informational background on sections entitled psychology of rape and the rapist; avoiding rape; after a rape, then what; emotional needs of the rape victim; sexual assaults on children; and homosexual rape within prisons. Lesson plan suggestions are also included. Men and women frequently have distorted perceptions regarding both the rape victim and the rapist. Our primary objective in the presentation of this material is to sensitize students to the emotional and physical trauma suffered by the rape victim. Our material is designed to provide the teacher with information and suggested lesson plans. However the teacher is encouraged to present the unit acknowledging the level and maturity of the students. The sensitivity and creativity of the lessons should reflect the individuals involved. It is our hope that teachers will become more aware of the complexities of this issue before presenting the material to students.

(Recommended for 8th—12th grade Social Studies, Science, Special Education and Health.)

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Rape Psychology Sexuality

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