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Writing Up a Spanish Storm: Using Creative Thinking for Creative Writing by Harriet J. Bauman

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“Writing Up a Spanish Storm: Using Creative Thinking for Creative Writing” is an eight-week unit designed to introduce Spanish IV students to creative writing. The use of creative and productive thinking techniques and methods makes this a unique approach. In order for the students to have a successful learning experience, the classroom environment must encourage them to break loose from preconceived notions and use their imaginations. All of the activities presented in this unit are designed to allow the students to stretch their imaginations. The students will be exposed to a variety of exciting exercises and assignments. They will be taught the rules for brainstorming and given many opportunities to use this technique. The students will be strongly encouraged to use all five of their senses. Many activities are suggested in which the students must respond in an unusual way. This allows them to break their conceptual blocks which interfere with solving a problem or completing an assignment. A summary of research in creativity is included in the unit. Much of the information necessary for teaching creativity is covered. Helpful definitions, explanations, and useful books or articles are an important part of the unit.

(Recommended for 10th, 11th, and 12th grade Spanish III and 11th and 12th grade Spanish IV.)

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