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Enthusiasm Is All Write by Richard Canalori and Farrell Sandals

Guide Entry to 81.04.04:

The theme of our unit is to develop a comprehensive creative writing program for the sixth-grade student, although children at any level would profit from the ideas and techniques expressed within. Children possess natural creativity and vivid imaginations which need to be developed more fully through the vehicle of creative writing. The unit explores barriers to creativity which form when children enter school, and offers techniques for breaking down these barriers in an atmosphere of trust and understanding. We feel that organization is the key to any successful writing program, and we offer simple methods for both students and teachers to achieve this end. The unit then offers an organizational plan for developing a creative writing program. This plan is expressed through a series of sequential creative writing activities which encourage honesty and foster enthusiasm. These activities can be adapted or expanded as necessary and will provide teachers with a positive attitude toward a successful creative writing program. Further ideas from which to develop a more extensive program are then offered. Evaluation of the writing program must be consistent and meaningful and is, therefore, emphasized considerably in the final section of our unit. What we offer are relatively simple, yet constructive methods of evaluation which we have found to be successful.

The only way children learn to write is by writing. Unless they are enthusiastic, organized, and aware of what is expected, they will never develop a love for writing, nor develop the skills necessary to express themselves honestly, clearly, and accurately. Our intention is not to burden the reader with theory, but rather to offer a practical and personal approach for the teacher and student. As teachers, we recognize the difficult task we face and we have written our unit with the classroom teacher as our focus. Perhaps after implementing the suggested ideas in our unit, both students and teachers will agree that “Enthusiasm is All Write.”

(Recommended for 6th grade English.)

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