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Enhancing Ego-Strengths to Develop Writing Skills by Rose Marie Christoforo

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One crucial aspect of communication ls the students r ability to write effectively. We have been preoccupied with the development of a solid foundation of basic skills in grammar, usage, and mechanics. In our obsession with their acquisition of the subject, we very seldom have stopped to explore the studentsí interests and experiences which are relevant to them. Consequently, students are engaged in laborious language activities which have no relevance to them. We are being unfair when we expect students to respond to creative writing assignments. It is no wonder that they balk at such assignments and are incapable of writing. In order for students to write well they must draw from their own experiences. Writing inevitably is self-expression. The way students feel about themselves is detrimental to their successful academic performance. In my readings I found that a positive self is teachable. It is through experiences that the self is learned. The classroom should be a place that encourages exploration and discovery, which facilitates changes in self-perception.

This curriculum unit is designed on the premise that, if students develop positive self-concepts then written communication will no longer be a frustrating task. It is designed for teachers who feel concern about studentsí self-concept as a legitimate part of the educational process. The strategies, classroom activities and resources I cite may be utilized by teachers as aids towards enhancing ego-strengths in students.

(Recommended for 5th-8th grade English.)

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