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Water, Promises and Problems by Peter L. Evans

Guide Entry to 81.05.03:

My curriculum unit will examine a relevant topic in the broad spectrum of environmental issues, water. It is a prime ingredient for everyone’s life. It is an integral part of numerous recreational activities. It is not something we can find a substitute for and, yet, it has been taken for granted by most of us. Our present standard of living keeps increasing our demands for this valuable substance. I begin this unit with a thorough explanation of where our water supply comes from. This includes the study of the hydrologic cycle. The bulk of the curriculum discusses two central issues: the quantity and quality of our water supply. Within these two themes the unit touches on the geographic problems in the United States and some recent cogent questions on toxic waste, acid rain and thermal pollution. There is a brief discussion on water recreational activities. The unit is applicable to most science or social studies classes from grades 5-10. Also, there are some laboratory suggestions.

(Recommended for 5th-10th grade Science.)

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Water Ecology Environmental Science Natural Resources

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