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A Tree is More Than a Street Name by Benjamin A. Gorman

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The general purpose of the unit is to help students be aware of trees as a great American natural resource. As city dwellers living on a coastal plain surrounded by urban development, students should realize that the forest helped to shape the city and continues to do so. Knowledge of the role of trees in the past and of their value in the present is important because the forest serves us all, even those who never go there. The unit is designed for use at the eighth grade level and it provides a mixing of history, science and value concerns as related to this natural resource. The narrative concerns three aspects; the role of the forest in early American history, a scientific aspect dealing with conservation and energy, and the value of trees in terms of products, career potential and as a natural counterpoint to our man-made environment. For the urban student, it is important to recognize the timeless value of the forest and to be able to look around knowing that a tree is more than a street name.

(Recommended for Grade 8 Social Science.)

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Forests Ecology Environmental Science American History New England History Natural Resources

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