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An Introduction to the Use of Computers by Geoffrey P. Smith

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This unit contains three computer programs which can be used by any teacher interested in introducing the computer to a classroom. The programs are math-related, but they could be used in any type of classroom, because the objectives of this unit are to expose students to the process of computer use and to make students familiar with the hardware. The purpose does not include teaching programming or technical information. The first program is intended to introduce the student to the operation of the computer as an aid in arithmetic calculation. The most appropriate audience is students in grades 5-8, although the program could be used with either younger or older students. The second program will randomly generate arithmetic problems for the student to do. The intended audience is 7th and 8th grade students or remedial high school students. The final program will draw the graph of any linear equation, whether given in standard form (AX + BY + C = O) or in slope intercept form (Y = MX + B). The program is intended to be used in conjunction with an Algebra I class. In each case, the teacher loads the program from a cassette tape ahead of time, and the students only need to type appropriate information in response to directions given on the video screen. The machine used is the TRS-80 Model I, Level II, although the programs will also work on a TRS-80 Model III.

(Recommended for 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th grade Math 7 and Math 8, and 9th grade Algebra I, also 5th and 6th grade any Math.)

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