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The Voice Within, by Richard Canalori

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That Frederick Douglass was a slave, Benjamin Franklin a printer, Maya Angelou a writer, and Anne Frank a brave young girl are facts well known; yet who are these people? If they were to visit us, what would they say, how would they say it, and why? This unit answers these questions, while providing opportunities for students to meet many interesting characters through the reading of their autobiographies and in person! Finally, the unit provides models of writing styles for student autobiographies. The unit is divided into three sections. Section one introduces students to autobiographical writing, section two involves role playing, and section three involves autobiographical writing by the students themselves based on their experiences in sections one and two. While focusing on different skills, the sections are closely related. The unit is intended for children in grade six or older and would be a part of the English program.

(Recommended for 6th-12th grades English)

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Autobiography Literature Reading Instruction

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