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Child Custody, by Edward D. Cohen

Guide Entry to 82.03.02:

This unit on Child Custody and the Law is designed for junior and senior English classes. It has three major objectives. The first is a mini unit on debate and argumentation. The class will learn the principles of rational decision making, based on evidence and valid reasoning. The class will prepare and deliver a series of debates and group discussions on the subject of child custody. The second objective of the unit is for the students to study the problems of child custody for teenage parents, and the rights and responsibilities of parenthood. The best interests of the child will be the major point of discussion. The class will practice oral and written skills and will write a series of short research papers on the subject. The third objective of the unit will be to show the class how the court system works. The class will stage a moot court, with all the roles played by the students. The case will concern an unwed teenage father who wants custody of his child, but who is denied the privilege of seeing his child, and who is also denied visitation rights by his teenage girlfriend. The trial procedure will be the one used by the American Law Student Association. It is outlined in their handbook and is easy to follow.

(Recommended for junior and senior high school English)

Key Words

Debate Skills Basic American Operation Court Judicial System Law Child Custody Teenage Parents

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