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Countries of South America, by David Raccaro

Guide Entry to 82.05.05:

The unit “Countries of South America” deals with social, political, economic, historical and geographical aspects of the countries of South America. The countries of Argentina and Bolivia are studies in depth. The objective of this unit is to have the students identify aspects of the South American countries and compare and contrast them with each other or with the United States. It is my goal to give the students a better understanding of the South American Continent. The unit contains a number of activities which will help achieve the above-stated goals. For example, the students will be given a fact sheet which will be used for research purposes. This sheet lists a number of topics (population, ethnic groups, age distribution, literacy rates etc.) that students can research and exchange to identify different aspects of the countries of South America. The unit also contains map assignments, such as, locating and identifying the countries and capitals of South America, locating and identifying major rivers and lakes in South America and identifying the influences of major conquering European nations on each country. The lessons included in this unit can be geared to almost any grade level. The teacher can easily adjust all of the lessons and information to meet the needs of their individual curricula.

(Recommended for 7-9 grades Social Studies and 7-11 grades United States History)

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Geography South America Social History

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