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La Nueva Cancion en Puerto Rico, by Doris M. Vazquez

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This unit will study the different issues presented in the songs in the New Song Movement in Puerto Rico. The unit has been written in Spanish and is intended for students who have mastered Spanish or are Spanish-speaking and wish to learn more about the current trends in Puerto Rican music. The music will serve as the starting point or as the conclusion of the unit. I intend to bring the study of poetry and prose together with musical appreciation so the students will be motivated to learn about these artistic expressions. Some of the poetic material is explained but is not translated. A vocabulary list is included at the end of the unit which defines those terms which are regional and more difficult for the students to understand. Each lesson is divided into listening, speaking, reading and writing exercises. I believe the lessons are well organized and will prove to be an interesting teaching and learning experience. I plan to take pictures on my next trip to Puerto Rico of those places mentioned in the poems and story, so to add another dimension to this idea. The slides will make it possible, for those who have never been to Puerto Rico or to these places, to have at least an idea of what the poem or story is about.

(Recommended for High School Spanish for Hispanics, Advanced Spanish)

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