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A Guide for Teaching Attitudes, Awareness, Feelings, By William F. Natale, Jr.

Guide Entry to 82.06.06:

This unit is designed to be used as a guide for discussing feelings, attitudes, awareness, and human relationships. Much school time is devoted to factual learning and not to the problems that children carry around with them all day. This unit is an attempt to support the family in helping the child to deal with everyday feelings and problems. The topic consists of an introduction, which builds a case establishing the necessity for such a unit. It is followed by a list of objectives which the unit will attempt to accomplish. The content of the unit will be a study of people’s differences and likenesses, common needs, emotions, values, introspection and relating. The content of the topic is followed by a list of strategies that the teacher might employ to meet the established objectives. There also is a list of outside publications and resources which can be of use. In summary, this unit will provide teachers with a format for discussing with the students their feelings, attitudes, difficulties and joys of the life they are experiencing. A primary objective of this unit is to facilitate positive self-image-sand more positive social attitudes at home and at school.

(Recommended for 5th through 12th grade Social Studies and Self-Contained Classroom.)

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