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The Cell, Zelda L. Kravitz

Guide Entry to 82.07.01:

Purpose. This unit on the chemistry of the cell is being developed in order to aid the students with limited backgrounds in verbal skills, reading skills, and writing skills to understand:

1. How he or she carries substances within themselves which seriously can aid or hamper future generations.

2. How they have been affected by past generations. The assumption is that by breaking down the information into very simple factors, the child will better understand his contributions and the problems he brings to the development of a new life at his age. Perhaps by better understanding the complexity of the situation, he may defer reproduction until such time as he is better able to assume responsibility.

This unit is meant for students who have little background in genetics, and could be a part of a general science class, a biology class, a sex-education class, a physiology class, a chemistry class, or a health education class. Explorations in the laboratory to explain the concepts is urged, and suggestions to serve as a guide have been included in the lesson plans.

Teacher Objectives


1. Develop the concept of the cell, its various parts and functions.

2. Develop the concept of how cell information is passed from parent to offspring through the process of cell division and fertilization.

3. Develop respect for the other sex and the part each has in reproduction.

4. Develop an awareness to current research as daily reported on radio, TV, and in publications (even the poor ones).

5. Develop the skill of not only thinking about concrete facts but of utilizing reasoning, analyzing and inter-relating.

(Recommended for 9th - 12th grades General Science, Biology Sex Education, Physiology, Chemistry, and Health Education)

Key Words

Genetics Problem Solving Mathematics Reproduction Basic

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