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Nine Months in Six Weeks, by Karen Battle

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This unit has been developed with the intent to teach middle school children on their own level. It covers from conception through childbirth, even going to the extent of discussing breast feeding. Since the students have such a strong curiosity about pregnancy this is a good time to cover the subject with them. Some of the subjects touched on are conception, early signs and tests for pregnancy, along with an explanation on how the tests are done. Abortions are also covered as far as what is involved in having an abortion. The unit of lesson plans allows time for the discussion of abortion and how the students feel about it. Fetal development is discussed so the student has a basis to work with when discussing other parts of the unit. Nutrition during pregnancy is covered to show the student the importance of having a balanced diet during pregnancy. Birth defects are included in the unit lesson plans to help the student appreciate the importance of taking care of the body before and during pregnancy. Possible tests done during pregnancy are also included with an explanation on how and why they’re done. To round out the unit, childbirth, and possible drugs used during childbirth will be covered along with lactation or nursing.

(Recommended for 7th—9th grades Home Economics, Science, and Social Studies)

Key Words

Chemistry Cells Biology Genetics Basic Reproduction

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