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Architecture: Experiences in Space Perception for Young People, by Patricia Flynn

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This unit describes Architecture for young people through experiences in space perception. Many students at the middle school level may be considered very deficient in the spatial experiences necessary for successful living and working in their homes and other buildings. The metaphor of the house is described as an extension of what is known as body image. Theories of space perception development in children describe the need for learning spatial skills. The uses of space within different cultures (proxemics) is included. Since I plan to use this unit with students who live in the Fair Haven neighborhood, I am including a set of slides of homes in Fair Haven. The slides of homes will be utilized as examples of the home as metaphor. A series of art activities that develop spatial awareness skills conclude the unit.

(Recommended 6th through 8th grade Art classes)

Key Words

New Haven Connecticut Architecture American Neighborhoods Personal Space

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