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Living in StyleóThe New Haven Green and Its Architecture, by Benjamin A. Gorman

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This unit can be used to help illustrate the development of New England towns; New Haven will be the model, showing how people have strived to improve their environment. It can be used in the eighth grade social studies curriculum when studying the Northeast. The unit demonstrates how architecture reflects our human values, and the activities are planned to acquaint students with some of the elements of architecture.

By studying the buildings around the New Haven Green, the cityís purpose in the classic sense can be established. New Havenís center reflects the Greek emphasis concerning religion, government and the market place. The architecture surrounding the Green is a facade which attempts to make real our dreams of creating a civic place. It is a place of pride where our accomplishments are evidenced in stone, glass, etc. At New Havenís center, the past is still present in its structures, it still serves our many needs and is a source of civic pride.

The unit provides information for a slide presentation of the cityís buildings around the Green. The slide set is available at the Teachers Institute office.

(Recommended for Social Studies grade 8, Study of Connecticut grade 6, Urban Studies grade 9 and Art grades 9 through 12)

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