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Space and Body in Architecture, by Nancy Wyskiel

Guide Entry to 83.01.08:

It should be stressed to the students that architecture is not mere building but the entire thought process behind the design. I want the students to relate their body experiences to the spatial feelings and thought that they have in their homes, with a special emphasis given to their bedroom and the arrangement of individual space.

The over-all focus of the unit therefore will be on personal space which can be identified on the exterior and interior of the homes where the students reside. The students will compare their human spatial characteristics to begin to get a feel for the relationship between their body-space and architectural space. The next step is to have the students measure the actual physical space in their home. In order to do this the students will take body measurements or self-made rulers and measure the dimensions of their house. The dimensions will be used in the process of making an accurate floor plan and using the correct symbols in it. From this point the students should have an understanding of their home space and the human relationship to it.

The concentration is now directed at their own bedrooms and proposals for a fantasy bedroom. I chose a fantasy bedroom because the students are not in a financial position to make alterations, although they are able to constructively use their imaginations. The students can imagine anything they want. Changes in their bedroom will include play with colors, textures, patterns, dream scapes, and collages according to the individual idea or feeling.

(Recommended for Grade 6 Architecture)

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