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Mythology for the Classroom, by Michael Conte, Jr.

Guide Entry to 83.02.04:

The unit that I have written will be used to introduce children to Greek and Roman mythology, and to excite their interest so that eventually they will study this subject further on their own. The unit is intended to last approximately six weeks and is for middle school children.

This unit is also designed to help stimulate the children in the classroom who are having difficulty with the basal series by providing an alternative unit to assist the teacher in teaching Language Arts and reading skills. However, an indirect result of a unit of Greek and Roman mythology will be an introduction into a new area of literature and oral history. It will provide an exposure that will enhance the child’s educational program by permitting the teacher to investigate other areas stemming from the basic unit. The other areas can include Science, Geography, and Art, to name a few.

This unit can also provide for the student who needs a challenge by offering readings which will afford an opportunity for growth beyond the traditional curriculum.

The major purposes for writing this unit on Greek and Roman mythology are threefold. The first is to introduce the children to a new form of literature, mythology. The second is to strengthen the children’s Language Arts skills through lessons focusing on these skills using Greek and Roman mythology as a basal text. Finally, the unit is intended to improve the Reading skills of the children using the modern retellings of the ancient myths.

(Recommended for 5th, 6th, and 7th grade Language Arts and Reading classes)

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