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Reading and Writing Via The Myths, by William F. Natale, Jr.

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The intent of this unit is to provide the upper elementary grade teacher (4-6) with a highly motivational curriculum unit designed to create interest in reading and creative writing. It will be of use as a supplement to the basic reading program and is not intended to replace it.

The objectives given are aimed primarily at giving children ego satisfaction and instilling in them good feelings about reading and creative writing. The message being conveyed is that reading can be fun. A secondary objective of the unit is to introduce the students to a study of the early Greek and Roman cultures and the rich heritage passed along to the Western civilization.

Following the objectives is a list and a discussion of many strategies aimed at bringing about the desired results. The strategies presented are basically for teacher use in the classroom and will help instill a greater interest in reading and the development of reading skills. The strategies employ Greek and Roman myths, which are of high interest, especially to an intermediate grade population, according to subject interest surveys. The strategies also include methods to facilitate reading and writing through other subject areas such as English, art, and social studies.

The unit also contains an excellent reference list of books on Greek and Roman myth for teacher use with the classroom. There is also a children’s bibliography of very interesting books on levels suitable for their skills.

Finally, the unit contains a list of motivational reading aids, such as posters and easily accessible audio-visuals which can be used with the strategies.

(Recommended for grades 4 through 6 Reading, English, Social Studies, and Art)

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