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Mythological Soaps, by Laura Ferrante-Fernandes

Guide Entry to 83.02.10:

This unit is strongly recommended for teachers teaching ESOL. Included are samples of three skits: Daphne and Apollo, Pyramus and Thisbe, and Aphrodite and Adonis-which have been adapted from “Bulfinch’s Mythology.” The short sketches can serve as examples of what can be done with mythology. At the same time for the sake of expediency, these skits should be used to put on performances while concurrently teaching English and mythology.

Some of the strategies include the use of the Yale Art Gallery and the British Art Museum to introduce the mythological themes treated in art. In conjunction with this, planning field trips to the museums is highly desirable. A list of artists has been included along with a pronunciation list that can assist the teacher with some of the laborious names of heroes and heroines and of gods and goddesses.

This unit can be used in its entirety or only selected parts of the unit can be implemented. In any case, the lesson plans should be highly visual. The innovative instructor should exhibit plates, slides, films, etc., as often as possible to facilitate teaching. If the whole unit is implemented, it should be done within a three-month time frame because each skit would necessitate one month.

Finally, once all the approaches are utilized, I recommend that the teacher have groups of students work together to adapt their own skits. This is a valuable technique used to teach writing skills.

Happy teaching!

(Recommended for ESOL A-D grades 7 through 12 and World Literature grades 9 through 12)

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