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Teenage Pregnancy and Parenthood: The Young Mother in the Puerto Rican Family, by Kathleen London

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This unit provides background information about Hispanic youth and Hispanic culture. The problems and concerns about teenage pregnancy for the young Puerto Rican female and her family are discussed. The unit includes three case studies which reflect the educational, health, and social concerns of the pregnant student and the Puerto Rican student-mother. There are lessons to help all students gain a better understanding of the general problem of teenage pregnancy and the problems unique to the Puerto Rican female and her family. There is a list of resource sources for materials in Spanish and a list of community health and social service agencies.

(Recommended for 9th grade Urban Studies, 12th grade Psychology/Sociology, and all level Bilingual, McCabe Center classes, and Parenting classes)

Key Words

Mainland Puerto Ricans Adolescence American Sexuality Psychology Culture Rico

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