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An Examination of and Introduction to Bilingual/Bicultural Education, by Gary Mikolinski

Guide Entry to 83.06.05:

The content of this unit is both bilingual and bicultural. Bilingual because I will discuss the need for, and the perplexity of, teaching bilingual education to Spanish-speaking Puerto Rican students in our public schools. Bicultural in that I hope to give teachers and students an awareness of the Puerto Rican culture. It is my sincere hope that this curriculum unit will be constructive for the students, teachers, and administrators who participate in its implementation. My objectives are listed in the order in which they will appear in the unit.

First, to give teachers background information about bilingual education and its goals.

Second, to make administrators and teachers aware of the results of a four-year study by the “New York City Board of Education” entitled the “Puerto Rican Study.”

Third, to make teachers aware of the controversy over teaching bilingual education in our schools.

Fourth, to make teachers aware of what educators have learned about bilingual education during the past fifteen years.

Fifth, to make teachers aware of the perplexity of organizing and implementing a bilingual education program.

Seventh, to make English-speaking students and teachers aware of the problems experienced by Spanish-speaking Puerto Rican students that attend our public schools.

Eighth, to clarify that the reason many Puerto Rican pupils do not perform well in our public schools is not because they are inherently ‘stupid’, but rather they must adjust to a new language and a new way of life when they migrate to America.

Ninth, to develop in students an awareness and concern for other members of our society, their needs, and problems.

(Recommended for Eighth grade Social Studies)

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General Spanish English Bilingualism Bilingual Education Mainland Puerto Rico Culture

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